Acca Larentia Hearth-Woman, also known as The Hearth-Woman of Rome, was a witch and ancestor of the Harman family. She was born in ancient times, presumably sometime after the year 753 BC (the year the city of Rome was founded) and lived in Rome.

Etymology Edit

Acca Larentia, also known as Acca Larentina, is a mythological woman and later a minor goddess in Roman mythology. In some versions, she was the adoptive mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, while in others, she was the lover of the hero and demi-god, Hercules (the Roman form of the Greek Heracles). Her festival, Larentalia, was celebrated on December 23rd. She is often associated with the fertility of the land and crops, and is also often associated with the nymph Larunda.

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