Amulets are magical items containing the essence of a particular witch, often in the form of a hair strand. They are essential in the summoning of spirits, and are stamped with a symbol that identifies the deceased witch.



While searching for the ingredients to cast a summoning spell, Thea Harman finds a box of amulets containing the hairs of deceased witches. She decides to choose the amulet belonging to a benevolent witch named Phoebe Garner, though during the casting of the spell, Thea's cousin Blaise Harman interrupts her. During a struggle over the amulet box, Suzanne Blanchet's amulet accidentally falls into the spell's balefire, unintentionally releasing her spirit from the other side.

Later on Samhain, Thea and her soulmate Eric Ross lure Suzanne to them to cast a sending-back spell. At the spell's conclusion, Thea grabs Suzanne's hair strand from the balefire and reconstructs her amulet, thereby ensuring that Suzanne remains on the other side.


The exact process in creating an amulet is unknown, but it is mentioned that it requires an entire Circle chanting and baking the amulet over a ritual fire; a process which is said to weeks. Once the amulet has been forged, the witch's hair is placed in it, and an identifying symbol is stamped upon it as a means of setting it apart from other amulets.

Notable amuletsEdit


  • Amulets are not only used for preserving the essence of witches, but have a variety of other capabilities, such as Blaise's necklace that makes the wearer irresistable to others. However, these kinds of magical items appear to be called talismans instead.

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