Angar Redfern is a lamia and member of the Redfern family. He is stated to be the son of Sterling Redfern and Ruby Linden, and the brother of Gunnel and Opal.

History Edit

Angar's birthdate is not given, though the tree indicates he is the middle child in his family, implying he was born sometime between 1891 (his brother's birthdate) and 1912 (his sister's birthdate). At some point, Angar must've been married, although no mention is made of his wife, and had a son, Blade Redfern. Angar's grandson Mancy notably had a son with a witch - Rosemary Harman - Mal Harman, the first and only vampire-witch hybrid in the series. 

Etymology Edit

Angar is name derived from Sanskrit or Arabic, meaning "embers". It is usually considered a Muslim name. 

Trivia Edit

  • Given that embers are technically a natural item, Angar's name could be regarded as a traditional lamia name, though an unusual one. 

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