Anna Dominick
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

Anna Dominick (nee Campbell) is the mother of Iliana and Alex Dominick. She is the wife of Owen Dominick and the daughter of Mary Kennedy. Through her mother, Anna is a descendant of Elspeth Harman, though she does not know of her heritage and is therefore a lost witch.

Physical Appearance Edit

Anna is said to be attractive, with violet eyes just like her daughter's and "the smile of an angel".

Trivia Edit

  • Anna is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Hannah, meaning "grace".
  • Anna's last name should technically be Harman, given the matriarchal society of witches, but due to being a lost witch, she was raised with the surname Campbell and took her husband's surname of Dominick when she married him.
  • The family tree states that Iliana's mother is called Anya Veruska and it is her father Owen who is a Harman, however, this directly contradicts the information in the books that Iliana gained her witch heritage through her mother and is a 'true' Harman (for example, a witch such as Sylvia Weald, whose father was a Harman, is not considered a 'true' Harman because the lineage is passed down through the women in the family). The mother of Iliana is explicitly stated to be named Anna and to be a Harman in the books; she is also stated to have violet eyes and other physical features associated with the Harmans. Therefore, the information on the family tree is almost certainly incorrect.

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