The Arlin family are an ancient clan of witches.

History Edit

Their surname was originally 'Arm of Lightning', but gradually became modernised as 'Arlin'. According to Winfrith Arlin, the Arlins are almost as old as the Harman family, though they are not as famous and prestigious amongst the Night World. The only known member of the family is Winfrith (Winnie for short), who is a member of Circle Daybreak. If Winnie is anything to go by, the Arlin family are powerful at magic and more tolerant towards humans compared to more conservative Night People. Winnie noticeably helped locate and protect the Wild Power Iliana Dominick and assisted her in summoning the blue fire to destroy the dragon Azhdeha, thus making Winnie one of the first witches in thousands of years to battle a dragon (since their defeat in ancient times).

Known Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It can be speculated, given their original surname of 'Arm of Lightning', that the Arlin family are particularly known for the magical ability of witchlight, which is sometimes mistaken for or compared to lightning.
  • Given Winnie's statements about her family's age, the Arlins can presumably trace their lineage back to prehistoric times (or there abouts), like the Harmans.
  • Given the noticeable similarities between Winnie and Poppy North - who was originally a lost witch - particularly in regards to their physical appearances, it's possible that Poppy and her twin brother Phil are related to the Arlins in some way, through their father Jesse (another lost witch). Jesse is stated on the family tree as being descended from the lost Harman, Emmeth, and it's plausible that the Arlins could've intermarried with the Harmans at some point.

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