Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Deceased
  • Stone Age
Cause of Death
  • Exsanguination
Killed By
  • Theorn
Physical Information
  • Human
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Unknown
  • Leader of the hunters

Arno was co-leader of the Tribe of the Three Rivers in prehistoric times. He was the leader of the tribe's hunters and had a small role in Soulmate.

History Edit

Arno was born in the Stone Age and at some point became co-leader of the tribe. Arno had his hunters capture the second made vampire, Theorn after he was found to have attacked a child named Ryl. Arno believed Theorn to be a demon and wanted to kill him. However, Hana said he should be brought to Old Mother, the tribe's shaman. Arno disagreed with this and it becomes clear he doesn't much like or respect Hana. Despite this, he grudgingly agrees to bring Theorn to Old Mother. The shaman is unable to determine what Theorn is, but is able to persuade Arno to hold off on killing him until tomorrow, hoping the goddess will reveal information about Theorn in a dream. Arno has Theorn locked in a make-shift cage; however, Hana frees him and tries to persuade him to flee. Upon discovering Theorn is gone, Arno and his hunters track Theorn down and surround him. Upon learning that the goddess has told Old Mother nothing, Arno declares that the goddess doesn't care about Theorn and goes ahead with his plan to kill him, stabbing him with his spear. To his shock, however, Theorn's wounds immediately heal. Despite Hana's protests, Arno and the other tribe members begin repeatedly stabbing and burning Theorn in an attempt to kill him. Theorn, overcome with pain and hunger, goes into a bloodlust due to the torture and attacks the tribe. Arno is killed and fed on by Theorn during the massacre.

Soulmate Edit

Thousands of years later, Hana's latest incarnation, Hannah Snow, sees Arno and his fate whilst under hypnosis, after she begins recalling her past lives.

Appearances Edit

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