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. . . Made vampires are so wonderfully . . . short.
Daughters of Darkness

When you're out so much at night, you get to recognize the stars. Even if you don't know their names.
Daughters of Darkness

If somebody had said last week that I'd be . . . involved . . . with a human, I'd have knocked his head off. I mean, after howls of derisive laughter.
Daughters of Darkness

It's not a stick, it's the way to deal with me on an equal level. One good push would do it. First here and then in the heart. You could eliminate the problem of me from your life.
Daughters of Darkness

I've changed so much in the last few days that I don't even recognize myself in the mirror.
Daughters of Darkness

No, we're only soulmates, that's all. We're only destined to be together forever . . .
Daughters of Darkness

I'll come back anyway. And in the meantime I'll fight dragons, just like any knight for his lady. I'll prove myself. You’ll be proud of me.
Daughters of Darkness

You're like her, you know. Like my – like Mary-Lynnette. You're both . . . wise.

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