Biographical Information
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Kerfira (mother)
  • Kerfira (daughter)
  • Slave
Short Stories

Aviva is a human courtesan and slave in the alternate future appearing in Brionwy's Lullaby.

Physical Appearance Edit

Aviva is seventeen years old, the same age as Brionwy. She is stated as being "very pretty" - all the courtesans, or 'Beauties' are chosen for their exceptional beauty and attractiveness.

History Edit

Aviva has presumably lived in the harem for most of her life, like the other girls. She remembers her mother, who was called Kerfira. At the age of seventeen, Aviva fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl, who she named after her mother.

Brionwy's Lullaby Edit

Aviva always slept with Kerfira at her side. Unfortunately, Aviva awoke one morning and found her daughter was missing. Her duenna claimed Kerfira died of natural causes and was taken to be cremated, but a distraught Aviva is convinced her baby was either taken away or killed by the duennas. Aviva becomes hysterical and her screams of anguish are heard throughout the harem.

Aviva is later dragged outside and confronts Brionwy, demanding to know what happened to Kerfira. Brionwy repeats that the baby died, but Aviva doesn't accept this, scratching Brionwy's arms and throwing ashes supposedly from her daughter's cremation at Brionwy. Another girl named Marlin tries to pull her off and all three girls are punished by the head duenna Guntra. Aviva clears Brionwy of being responsible for the fight but continues to insist her baby's disappearance was not caused naturally. Guntra tries to give Aviva yanme, an alcoholic drink that makes the drinker more complacent, but Aviva refuses it, insisting she isn't crazy. Guntra shows her ''toys" (torture devices) to Aviva, which finally quiets her down out of fear. Aviva claims that many girls with babies have lost their children. However, to protect themselves, Brionwy and Marlin claim she is delusional and suffering from post-partum depression. Guntra decides that Aviva will be sent to the pens (which have poor, dirty conditions and where the inhabitants inevitably end up the prey of the dragons), as punishment for distrupting the peace. After encountering the vampiric Lord Overseer, Brionwy attempted to plead with him to spare Aviva from her fate, stating she was "seventeen and very pretty", but to no avail.

Appearances Edit

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