Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female

Belfana is a witch and a member of the Inner Circle. She has a small role in Spellbinder.

Spellbinder Edit

Belfana is present when Thea Harman, Blaise Harman and Dani Abforth are summoned to the Inner Circle and charged with using forbidden magic on Samhain night. Belfana is the last to sit down at the trial, pushing Creon's wheelchair into place. When Thea runs out to send back the spirit of Suzanne Blanchet, which she had accidentally released, Belfana remains behind. When Thea and her human soulmate Eric Ross are brought back after succeeding in sending Suzanne back, Belfana listens to their story. She says little, though she does remark, with a "grave" expression, how the relationship between witches and humans soured after humans "began burning us". She does not seem to bear any animosity towards Eric, though, and supports the decision to let Thea and Eric drink from the Cup of Lethe and forget about the Night World.

Other novels Edit

Though not mentioned explicitly, it is very likely that by the events of Witchlight, Belfana has seceded from the Night World to Circle Daybreak.

Physical Appearance Edit

Belfana is described as having a "coil" of deep red hair and a freckled face.

Etymology Edit

Belfana's name is possibly a reference to La Befana, sometimes referred to as the 'Christmas Witch', who in Italian folklore is a benevolent and mystical old woman who delivers gifts to good children on Epiphany Eve (5th January), similar to Father Christmas/Santa Claus. Befana rides a broomstick and is often covered in soot due to entering homes via the chimney. It is said she uses her broom to symbolically 'sweep away' the troubles of the year. Some have speculated that Befana is derived from the Roman deity Strenua, the goddess of well-being, purification and the New Year. If Belfana is named after La Befana, then she would a traditional witch name, related to deities or legendary figures.

Appearances Edit

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