Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
  • c. 1997
Cause of Death
  • Immolated by blue fire
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Male
Supernatural Characteristics
  • Bear
  • Slaver

Bern is a bear shapeshifter and a slaver in the Dark Kingdom, who appears in Black Dawn.

History Edit

Black Dawn Edit

Bern lives and works in the Dark Kingdom as a slaver, alongside Gavin, a hawk or falcon shapeshifter. Bern and Gavin come to Sylvia Weald's apartment on the rogue witch's orders, to abduct Miles Neely and Aradia Crowley and bring them to the Dark Kingdom. Bern is guarding a wagon bringing new slaves into the Kingdom, including Aradia and Miles' sister Maggie Neely, when the latter manages to overturn the wagon and the slaves flee. Bern pursues Maggie and Aradia up the mountainside. He manages to catch up to Maggie and, despite her attempts to fend him off with a stick, he quickly overpowers her and shifts into his bear form to devour her. Fortunately for Maggie, but unluckily for Bern, Prince Delos Redfern happens upon them and immolates Bern with his blue fire. Bern's corpse falls from the mountainside, with Maggie only just wriggling out of his grasp to avoid falling with him. Delos claimed to have killed Bern out of annoyance because the slaver threw a stick at him, but Maggie (who is eventually revealed to be Delos' soulmate) immediately senses he is lying. Aradia later mentions Bern to Maggie, when she is explaining what happened to Maggie's brother.

Etymology Edit

The name Bern is of Germanic origins, meaning "bear", an allusion to Bern's animal form.

Appearances Edit

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