The Between-place is an astral plane inhabited by spirits who have yet to cross over to the Other Side.


Dark AngelEdit

After being lured out to the woods by the sound of a crying child, Gillian Lennox falls into an icy stream. Though she manages to climb out, Gillian dies of hypothermia and her spirit crosses the "narrow path" to the between-place, which she sees as a green meadow. There, Gillian is intercepted by a being that calls himself "Angel". He tells Gillian that she wasn't supposed to die, and gives her the option of permanently crossing over, or returning to life. Upon choosing the latter, Gillian's spirit returns to her body and she is resurrected.

Later, Gillian goes to a witch named Melusine and learns that "Angel" is not who he claims to be; rather he is an earthbound spirit that crossed over with Gillian when she returned to life. When she confronts Angel (who is revealed to be her distant cousin Gary Fargeon), Gillian discovers that the sound she heard in the woods before falling into the stream was Gary attempting to lure her to death, so as to alleviate his loneliness in the between-place.


The between-place is described as resembling a green meadow, albeit empty of people. However, it likely varies in appearance, depending on the person residing there. Gary Fargeon, a notable inhabitant of the between-place, described it as watching everyone go on with their lives without being able to interact with them, highly suggesting the between-place allows spirits to view the life they left behind.

It is also the plane in which spirits find themselves just as they're about to cross over to the other side. Typically, a "welcomer" is supposed to be present and help guide a spirit to the other side, though any earthbound spirit is capable of intercepting the welcomer; a notable example being Gary Fargeon appearing to Gillian Lennox.

Notable inhabitantsEdit


  • The between-place is also known as the "astral planes near earth", though the former is more commonly used by witches. Note: Astral planes (plural) suggest that the between-place is not one place, but many, explaining why Gillian was the only spirit she saw in death, before Gary intercepted her.
  • The narrow path, along with the between-place and the other side, are among the few named locations in the afterlife.
  • It can be assumed that every person that died has crossed the narrow path to the between-place. Assuming that Maya Hearth-Woman's statement about vampires lacking souls is true, they would be the only species not to do so.
  • It is highly likely that Suzanne Blanchet herself was in the between-place, as its a dimensional plane for spirits who have unfinished business, or cannot find peace.

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