Blade Redfern is a lamia vampire and member of the Redfern family. The family tree states he is the son of Angar Redfern and the father of Mancy Redfern

History Edit

It is unknown when Blade was born. He must've been married at some point, though his wife's name is not given, as he has a son, Mancy. Unusually, Mancy had a child with a Harman witch, Rosemary Harman. Blade's grandson Mal Harman is notable in being the first and only vampire-witch hybrid in the series. 

Etymology  Edit

Blade does not seem to have a traditional lamia name. A blade refers to a sword, dagger or knife, typically referring to the long, sharp part used for cutting or stabbing, though blade is sometimes used interchangeably for the weapon itself. 

Trivia Edit

  • Blade's name is very ironic, due to the fact he bears the same name as the titular character of Marvel's Blade comics, and the trilogy of films based on them, who is a vampire hunter.
  • More ironic still, is the fact that Marvel's Blade is also a dhampir - half human and half vampire. Blade Redfern's grandson Mal is also a hybrid, though in his case, he is apparently half vampire, half witch.  Another of Blade's relatives, Jez Redfern, is in fact half human, half vampire, and actually becomes a vampire hunter after discovering this. 

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