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Blaise Harman
Phoebe Tonkin
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Female
  • Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Smoky Gray
Skin Color
  • Fair
Relationship Information
  • Sybil Harman † (maternal great-grandmother) [1]
  • Edgith Harman(maternal grandmother)
  • Nissa Harman † (mother) [2]
  • Draco Saros † (father) [3]
Supernatural Information
Magical Feats
  • Casting love spells on human boys
  • Crafting a magical talisman
Character Information
First Appearance
Last Appearance

I'll miss you, sister.
— Blaise to Thea [6]

Blaise Harman is a witch, a member of Circle Midnight, and the first cousin of Thea Harman; the two of them are descendants of Hellewise Hearth-Woman through their grandmother, Edgith. First appearing in Secret Vampire, she is explored more fully in the book Spellbinder.

Physical AppearanceEdit

It was the glorious dark hair, the smouldering grey eyes . . . plus a figure that could stop traffic on the freeway. Curves galore, and clothes that emphasized everyone. On another girl it might have been too much, but on Blaise it was just breathtaking.

Blaise is a striking girl and inhumanly beautiful, even for a Night Person. She is said to "reel guys in just by being". Blaise is depicted as curvy with dark hair and "smouldering grey eyes". Blaise often uses her beauty to her dark advantage: to toy with the minds of human boys. Grandma Harman states that Blaise bears a very strong resemblance to Maya, sister of Hellewise, in both appearance and personality.


Blaise is often seen to be sharp, confident and manipulative, with a talent for maliciousness. Like most Night People, she regards humans, particularly young men, as nothing but playthings for her, uncaring of the negative outcome this has on herself, Thea or them. She often sees things in distinct terms, as her only solution to Thea having a human for a soulmate is to kill him to protect her cousin, despite Thea's pleadings.

In regards to Thea, Blaise is often moody and teasing, but shows great loyalty and love for her cousin, willing to even kill for her, and helps her in the end to remain with Eric, upset by the thought of never seeing Thea again.

Blaise has a remarkable skill in crafting magical items, especially necklaces, which are designed to induce passion in men, even with Blaise's own voluptuousness.


Blaise was the rebel. She got Thea in trouble and got them both expelled from many schools. The last school that was recorded, was in Las Vegas, where Thea met her soulmate. Thea tried to cover this, by acting as if she didn't want him. But Blaise wanted a partner for the dance. Blaise has a horrible attitude towards human boys; she makes enchanted jewelry and the boys get bewitched by the spells in them, causing them to do whatever she wishes. She usually wants them to do something like burn down a building, which is what she commanded her ex to do. So she chose Thea's soulmate Eric, which obviously, Thea didn't like one bit. Thea and Blaise had a show down, but the power of love was too strong, causing Blaise to lose the boy she wanted to charm. She stomped off.

Although Blaise seemed to be out trying to ruin her cousin's life, she had done all that to try and save her cousin. Because Night World laws are: If you tell a human about the Night World, or fall in love with a human, the punishment is death. So that's why she was going to try and break Eric's (Thea's soulmate) soul, to save Thea. In the end, Eric and Thea get caught by the Circle, and their sentence was to lose all the memory they have of magic and the Night World leaving Thea live as a lost witch. Blaise got the Cup of Lethe, that she had switched with watered down iced tea, so Thea could keep her memory. Blaise showed them out when Eric and Thea 'lost' their memory.

As they had a final hug and said their farewells, being Thea could never live with them again, the Maiden Aradia, waved and told them about Circle Daybreak: The circle that allows witches, vampires, and all other supernatural forces to get along with humans. Blaise waved goodbye to her cousin and that's the last time Blaise is mentioned.

Powers Edit

Basic Powers Edit

  • Spell Casting: Like her Cousin, Blaise had the power to cast Spells.
  • Potion making: Blaise had a special talent to make potions.

Individual Powers Edit

  • Luring: Blaise used the power to lure the boys in her school.

Night World: The Ultimate Fan GuideEdit

The granddaughters of the Crone, Blaise and Thea are cousins and the end of the Harman line. With personalities as opposite as night and day, these two girls are at once intense rivals and best friends.


  • Like many of her family, Blaise has a Greek name (the French version of the original Greek Vlasios), which means "Lisping", "Limping" or "Stuttering", ironic considering Blaise's bold demeanor. It is also one of the few witch names not connected to a particular deity, although it is the name of a Christian saint.
  • Blaise appears to be partially based on the character of Faye Chamberlain from The Secret Circle, another novel series by L. J. Smith. Both girls are similar in demeanor and, most notably, have a cousin who are the complete opposite to them. Like Faye, Blaise is said to be the "night" to Thea's "day".
    • Unlike Faye and her cousin Diana, Blaise and Thea have a much more positive relationship and even consider each other sisters.
  • Although Blaise is compared to Aphrodite in her ability to attract men, she ironically has the special talent of another Greek deity, Hephaestus, who was known for his ugliness and talent of crafting exquisite weapons and jewelry. In another ironic twist, Hephaestus happened to have been married to Aphrodite, though the goddess was notoriously unfaithful to her homely husband.
  • Thea alludes to the myth of Phaedra when comparing Blaise to Aphrodite. In the myth, an Athenian prince insults Aphrodite, and as an act of vengeance the goddess causes the prince's stepmother, Queen Phaedra, to fall in love with him. Phaedra's handmaiden informs the prince of the situation, but the reasonably horrified youth rejects her. Angered, Phaedra kills herself, but leaves a note to the king falsely accusing the prince of assaulting her. In response, the king unthinkingly uses a curse to cause the prince to die in a chariot accident, completing Aphrodite's revenge.
  • She appears to know Quinn, as she once mentioned to Thea the possibility of asking Quinn to kill Eric Ross for them.
  • Although Blaise is noted for closely resembling Maya, unlike the vampire matriarch, Blaise is far more loyal to, and protective of, her family. She additionally lacks the ever-changing eye colors of Maya.
  • Blaise's strong resemblance to Maya could be attributed to her Redfern ancestry; Maya being the ancestress of the Redfern Family.
  • Because Blaise was considered a candidate of the Wild Power prophecies by Grandma Harman, she may have been part of the few Circle Midnight witches that seceded from the Night World and joined Circle Daybreak.



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