A Blood Feast for vampires involves giving the vampire guests one or more (usually three) humans to feast on. In the Night World series, blood feasts are illegalised by the Night World Council. This means that Night People are not allowed to host such events. This of course does not stop Night People, even those that are members of the Council, from holding or attending them.


The ChosenEdit

Due to the effect of the soulmate principle on his descendants, Hunter Redfern sought to form an alliance with eight of the most powerful made vampires in the Night World. He had his daughter Lily Redfern and adoptive son John Quinn re-establish the Slave Trade to kidnap twenty-four girls for the blood feast he was planning on hosting on the spring equinox for the eight made vampires. However, due to the intervention of vampire hunter Rashel Jordan, her friend Daphne Childs, and Quinn himself, the blood feast was stopped just in time and the slave girls were rescued.

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