Bruce Faber
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Bruce the Athlete (by Gillian)
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
Significant Others
  • Amanda (girlfriend)
  • Student at Rachel Carson High School
  • Athlete

Bruce Faber is a minor character in Dark Angel. He is a student at Rachel Carson High and a classmate of Gillian Lennox.

History Edit

Bruce is in the same year as Gillian and is a popular student. He is apparently on the school's football team and has something of a reputation as a womaniser. Gillian nicknames him 'Bruce the Athlete'. It is revealed that at some point, Bruce was romantically involved with Tanya Jun, despite the fact she already had a boyfriend, David Blackburn. Some of their known trysts occurred in Bruce's car and Macon the Wallet's cabana. Tanya eventually broke things off with Bruce and he began dating a popular girl named Amanda.

Dark Angel Edit

When Gillian turns up at school after giving herself a make-over, Bruce is shown to be stunned by her beauty and offers to share his biology notes with her, "as if he were graciously extending an invitation". Angel later finds out about Bruce and Tanya, and tells Gillian so she can use the information against her. Gillian confronts Tanya about her cheating, unaware David has overhead, which leads to him breaking up with Tanya.

Physical Appearance Edit

Bruce is said to be good-looking, with "tawny" hair and blue-grey eyes. He is tall, with a muscular "football" build.

Personality Edit

Bruce seems to enjoy being the center of attention, especially when it comes to girls. He is apparently rather self-absorbed, as he willingly had a relationship with Tanya despite knowing she was with David, and also shallow, as he only tends to go for beautiful girls and only paid attention to Gillian when she begins dressing more attractively.

Appearances Edit

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