Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Killed By
  • Dragon
Physical Information
  • Female
  • Duenna
Short Stories

Ceru was the duenna (nurse) of Brionwy in the alternate future Brionwy's Lullaby is set in. She was killed by a dragon

some time before the events of the short story. Little is known about her; however, she appeared to be more benevolent than the other duennas, getting Brionwy and her friends, Lyric and Marlin, to take up an activity to keep their minds occupied (in Brionwy's case, singing lullabies). She also secretly taught the girls how to fight, in case their vampire master chose one of them as his next lover. Unfortunately, Ceru was sentenced to death and killed by a dragon, prompting the girls (with the exception of Marlin) to give up practising their fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a possibility that Ceru was an enslaved witch, as Brionwy mentions she used the expression "O, Goddess!" which has previously been mentioned as being a witch expression. That being said, non-witch members of Circle Daybreak have been known to use the expression (having presumably picked it up from the witches in the Circle), such as in the case of Jez Redfern. Therefore, Ceru may not necessarily have been a witch, but she could've been a Daybreaker before the organisation's defeat (which could also explain her more compassionate and defiant behaviour).

Appearances Edit

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