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Chervil Redfern
Biographical Information
  • Early Renaissance
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Unknown
Killed By
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Unknown

Chervil Redfern was the only son and former heir of the lamia patriarch Hunter Redfern by an unknown mother. Through his father's marriage to Maeve Harman, Chervil is also the half-brother of Garnet, Lily, Dove and Roseclear.

History Edit

Sometime prior to the 15th century, after a bitter argument with his father, the teenaged Chervil severed all ties with Hunter and fled with his friends to the mountains near Washington state. There, they created the Dark Kingdom, a hidden Night World kingdom, and Chervil established himself as king with his friends acting as the first nobles. Chervil ultimately had a son, King Tormentil Redfern, who ruled after his death. Chervil's disappearance is the driving force behind many of Hunter Redfern's actions, due to the patriarchy and primogeniture of the lamia; Hunter needs a legitimate son as an heir to the Redfern family.​


  • Chervil is named for a French plant similar to the herb parsley.
  • Had Chervil not run away, Hunter, by his own admission, would never have made an alliance with the witches and bound the Redfern and Harman families together. As such, Chervil is indirectly responsible for the formation of the united Night World.


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