Circe Harman
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Supernatural Characteristics
Magical Feats
  • Creating protective wards

Circe Harman is a witch and member of the Harman Family. She briefly appears in Secret Vampire and is mentioned in Soulmate. Circe is apparently a very powerful witch, and is quite well known in the Night World.

Secret Vampire Edit

Circe is seen attending Thierry Descouedres' Summer Solstice party. Ash Redfern points her out to Poppy North, describing her as a "witch of renown". She is described as being "tall and lovely", but no other details are given on her physical appearance.

Soulmate Edit

Thierry arranges to meet with Circe at a resort, to have her place powerful wards that will protect his soulmate, Hannah Snow, no matter where she goes in Amador County, in an attempt to keep Maya from harming her. Circe is late to the meeting, but Thierry continues to wait for her, stating that she is only witch he knows with the power to place the wards. It is unknown if Circe did meet with Thierry, given that he was confronted with Maya shortly after.

Trivia Edit

  • Circe is the name of the Greek goddess of magic (or in some versions a powerful sorceress), a traditional witch name and a very fitting name for a witch. In Greek mythology, she turned Odysseus' crew into hogs, but was later forced by him to change them back.
  • It is unknown how Circe is related to the Harman family; in the books, her surname is not revealed and neither Ash or Thierry ever mentions her being a Harman, nor is she mentioned by any other Harmans as being related to them. However, the family tree states that she is a Harman, though not who her direct relations to the family are.
  • As a witch and a Harman, it's possible Circe seceded from the Night World and joined Circle Daybreak, though this is unconfirmed. However, given she was willing to help Thierry protect his human soulmate, she may be more tolerant of humans and therefore more likely to have become a Daybreaker.

Appearances Edit

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