Circle Midnight is a one of two formal witch circles, open to witches of all ages. Unlike Circle Twilight, who holds some regard for human life, Circle Midnight witches embrace the laws of the Night World more fully, utilizing magic for far darker purposes, and will not quibble over harming and killing innocent humans.

Like Circle Twilight, it is a nationwide circle, with members of a given area gathering on occasions to celebrate and cast spells together.

At the time of the secession of the witches to Circle Daybreak, it has been stated that most of Circle Midnight had also left, although a few remained with the Night World, uncertain of leaving it.

Known MembersEdit

Possible MembersEdit

  • Sylvia Weald (she has some ties to Circle Midnight, as she was able to obtain special spell ingredients from one of the senior members and agrees with Circle Midnight's view that humans are vermin).


  • The witch circles are named after basic points of day and night. Similar to the circle's name, the members of Circle Midnight are the most drastic and dark in their dealings with humans (midnight being the darkest time between days).
  • Judging by its title, Circle Midnight might be the natural opposite of Circle Daybreak (the former is exclusive to witches and opts for the destruction of humans, while Circle Daybreak accepts all species and seeks to protect humans).
  • Gillian Lennox is mistakenly believed to be from Circle Midnight after she purchases ingredients for a dark magic spell; Angel later claims she is from Circle Midnight, but given that Gillian is a lost witch, it is unknown how true this is. She later ends up joining Circle Daybreak, thus making it something of a moot point.
  • Blaise Harman frequently associates with Circle Midnight and shares some of their beliefs regarding humans and magic, but actually belongs to Circle Twilight.
  • Ironically, Circle Midnight's beliefs about humans go against the laws created by the famous witch ancestress Hellewise Hearth-Woman that it is illegal to kill a human.