Circle Twilight is one of two formal witch circles, open to witches of all ages. In contrast to Circle Midnight, the members hold respect for all life, including human life despite the view of them as inferior. As a general habit, they will tolerate humans, but will not hesitate to use spells against them if rightfully provoked.

This circle is nationwide, although members of a given community may not know those in another state, coming together on special holidays, such as Samhain and solstices, to celebrate and cast spells. Locations where the circle meets are usually secret, marked with the black dahlia sigil of the witches. Younger witches (Maidens), middle aged witches (Mothers) and elder witches (Crones) will hold circle meetings in separate places from the other age groups.

Known MembersEdit


  • The witch circles are named after basic points of day and night. Similar to the circle's name, the members of Circle Twilight appear to hold a neutral stance between the human world and the Night World (twilight being another term for an advanced sunset, when it is neither fully light or fully dark).
  • With the secession of the witches from the Night World, Circle Twilight can be considered "merged" with Circle Daybreak as all the witches belonging to that circle are Daybreakers now.