Clèment Blanchet
Biographical Information
  • c. 1643
  • Deceased
  • 1653
Cause of Death
  • Burnt at the stake
Killed By
  • Executioner
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information

Clèment Blanchet was the younger brother of condemned witch Suzanne Blanchet and the older brother of Lucienne Blanchet. Along with his siblings, he was a victim of the Burning Times, tortured and killed as a witch.

History Edit

Clèment was born in France in the sixteen hundreds - it is stated he was ten years old at the time of his death in 1653, meaning he was most likely born in the year 1643. His sister Lucienne was born when he was four years old. Though not explicitly stated, it is likely that Clèment and Lucienne were witches, as their older sister was one. In 1653, Suzanne was accused of committing terrible deeds using witchcraft and was arrested and tortured into 'confessing'.

Presumably because their sister had confessed, Clèment and his younger sister were accused of being witches too, and were tortured, in spite of their young ages. They were all sentenced to death for their 'crimes'. The court ordered that Clèment and Lucienne be strangled before being consigned to the fire, to spare them a slow death due to them being children. However, the executioner wasn't paid enough and burnt Clèment and his sister alive at the stake, whilst Suzanne was forced to watch. During her own execution, Suzanne vowed revenge against humankind for what they had done to her and her siblings.

Spellbinder Edit

Clèment is mentioned in Grandma Harman's book of witch ancestors, Thea Harman and Dani Abforth are horrified upon reading the story of the Blanchet siblings and deduce that the witch spirit Thea had accidentally unleashed from the spirit realm was Suzanne, who was now killing humans in revenge for what was done to her. Later, as part of their plan to trap Suzanne's spirit and send her back, Thea and Eric Ross make dummies of Suzanne and her siblings, including one meant to represent Clèment, in an attempt to lure her to them.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name Clèment is French, meaning 'clemency' or 'mercy'. This is tragically ironic, given that little mercy was shown to Clèment or his sisters by the witch-hunters.
  • If Clèment was indeed a witch, it would make him one of the few male witches to appear or be mentioned in the series (male witches being quite rare).

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