Claire Goddard
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

I mean how can I possibly just walk away, after hearing all that? If everything you said is true, how can I forget?
— Claire to Jez after learning about the Night World [1]

Claire Goddard is the human cousin of Jezebel Redfern. Despite early friction between the two, in the end Claire allies with her cousin as the latter searches for the first Wild Power.

Ultimate Fan Guide DescriptionEdit

"Jez's human cousin, Claire is prim and prissy, and a miniature of her mother, Nanami. Claire is ignorant of the Night World until she follows Jez to the BART station, where they are both attacked by werewolves. Claire is shocked to learn about the Night World but becomes astonishingly protective and supportive of her cousin. Claire is also suspected of carrying the Blue Flame."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Claire is described as looking very similar to her mother, who herself is shown to have "dark shiny hair and eyes that turned to crescents when she smiled." However, Claire is noted as also having "a very sour expression" in addition, and is also often said to be "prim".


Initially, Claire has a very harsh personality, often on her cousin's back about her constant, mysterious disappearances. Claire later admits to bitter jealousy of Jez later on, especially as Jez is always forgiven for her mistakes by Claire's family, mistakes which Claire herself would never be able to make without stern consequences.

When she finally learns the truth about Jez and her mission from Circle Daybreak, Claire's attitude changes as she begins to understand the gravity of what Jez must do. Although frightened, she recovers quickly and fully accepts Jez for who and what she is, allowing the cousins to finally come to peace.


In Huntress, Jez moves to Clayton to live with the Goddard family. Jez pretends to be a normal teenager but she is secretly working for Circle Daybreak, who have given her a mission to find the first Wild Power. Claire suspects her cousin is not as normal and innocent as she makes out, and through spying, Claire finds out about the mission. Every one believed Claire may have been the Wild Power until Jez proved to be the chosen one. Jez and the entire Goddard family gain protection from Circle Daybreak.


  • Claire, along with Iona Skelton, were mistaken for Wild Powers.
  • Although not conclusive, judging from her mother's name and appearance, Claire might be part Japanese.
  • The name Claire means "clear" or "famous" in French.
  • Although accidental, it was Claire who first allowed Jez to unleash the Blue Fire the first two times; first to save Iona's life from a fire, and the second to save both of them from an oncoming train. Both times, Claire caused Jez to bleed by scratching her.




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