Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Aunt Corrine
  • Deceased
  • 1985
Cause of Death
  • Fire
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

Corinne was a relative of Rashel Jordan. She took in Rashel after her mother, Melisande Jordan, was murdered by a vampire, but unfortunately Corinne fell victim to the vampire as well.

History Edit

Corinne is referred to as "Aunt Corinne", but is stated to be "old". This would imply that she was Rashel's great-aunt, which would make her aunt to Melisande (it is unlikely she was related to Rashel via her father, as he was a shapeshifter and thus would have shapeshifter relatives). Besides her mother, Corinne is stated as being "the only family [Rashel] had left".

The Chosen Edit

After Melisande was killed by a vampire (later revealed to be Hunter Redfern) at Rashel's fifth birthday, Corinne took custody of her young grand-niece. She was devastated by her niece's death, clinging to Rashel as she sobbed. She tried her best to look after Rashel, putting her to bed and giving her medicine to help her sleep. However, Rashel was not very comforted by this; she mentions pretending to swallow the medicine, then spitting it out, and got out of bed to hide in the wardrobe.

It is heavily implied that Hunter later came to the house and started a fire in Rashel's room, in an attempt to kill Rashel and thus cover his tracks. Rashel, woken by the smoke, was able to escape; unfortunately, Corinne was trapped in the burning house and was killed. Rashel eventually becomes a vampire hunter to avenge her slain family.

Physical Appearance Edit

Little is said on Corinne's appearance, though Rashel mentions her being "old" with "bony hands".

Trivia Edit

  • Corinne was actually not Rashel's last living family, as she is revealed to have a twin sister, Raksha Keller, in Thicker Than Water (the status of their father is unknown). This means that Corinne was also Keller's great-aunt, though it is unclear if Corinne was ever aware of Keller's birth, as Keller was taken away by her father when she was quite young and Melisande never told Rashel she had a sister.

Appearances Edit

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