Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
  • Member of the Inner Circle
  • Daybreaker (presumably)

Creon is a witch and a member of the Inner Circle, who appears in Spellbinder.

History Edit

Creon is confined to a wheelchair and is implied to be elderly, but is no less wise and powerful because of this.

Spellbinder Edit

Creon attends the Samhain celebrations in Las Vegas with the rest of the Inner Circle, but must participate in the trial of Thea Harman, Blaise Harman and Dani Abforth when they're accused of using forbidden magic. Fellow Circle-member Belfana pushes Creon's wheelchair into the circle around the three young witches. When Thea runs out to stop Suzanne Blanchet, the vengeful spirit she accidentally unleashed, from killing Eric Ross or the students at Lake Mead High, Creon remains behind with Belfana whilst the other Circle members follow Thea. When they return, Creon learns how Thea and Eric worked together to send Suzanne back beyond the veil. Creon agrees to let Thea use the Cup of Lethe to become a lost witch to be with Eric.

Etymology Edit

The name Creon is Greek, meaning "prince". In Greek mythology, Creon was the ruler of Thebes, playing a large role in the tragedy Oedipus Rex. Creon is the brother of Queen Jocasta, who unwittingly marries her own son, Oedipus, after he unknowingly kills his father, Jocasta's husband. Creon, also unaware of the relation between the pair, offers Oedipus his sister's hand in marriage and the throne of Thebes. Creon later willingly accepts Oedipus's offer to take leadership of Thebes and exiles Oedipus at his request after the truth of his parentage comes out. Creon also plays a large role in the play's sequel, Antigone.

Hence, Creon can be considered a traditional witch name in that it refers to a mythological figure.

Trivia Edit

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