Creon the Stranger
Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Deceased
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Felina Hearth-Woman (daughter)
Significant Others

Creon the Stranger was the partner of Eileithyia Hearth-Woman in prehistoric times. It is unknown if he himself was a witch or if he was a member of Hecate's tribe. His name - 'the Stranger'- would indicate that he was not originally a member of the tribe; one could speculate that Creon was a traveller who decided to join the tribe, possibly due to falling in love with Eileithyia. Creon and Eileithyia had at least one child, Felina Hearth-Woman.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Creon means 'prince' in Greek.
  • It is unknown if Creon was considered Eileithyia's husband, as it is not known if the witch tribe practised marriage as it is understood by the modern world.

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