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You shouldn't even be allowed to dream about me.
Black Dawn

No. I'm not bound to you. I don't love you . . . I don't love anyone. I don't have feelings. You mean nothing to me. Nothing!
Black Dawn

Listen. You said that in your dream I told you to go away. Well, I'm telling you the same thing now. Go away and don't ever come back. I never want to see your face again.
Black Dawn

I told you before, but you wouldn't listen. What do I have to do to make you understand? . . . I'm warning you. Don't come to the castle. If you do, I won't protect you again.
Black Dawn

You can come out now. Or do I have to come in?
Black Dawn

You're so close to dying, but you don't seem to care. Are you too stupid to grasp it, or do you just have a death wish?
Black Dawn

This is what I am. A hunting animal. Part of a world of darkness that you couldn't survive for a minute in. I've told you over and over to stay away from it, but you won't listen. You turn up in my own castle, and you just won't believe your danger. So now I'm going to show you.
Black Dawn

You are so . . . So completely stupid. You don't think I'll hurt you . . . I will hurt you. I'll show you . . . I will hurt you. Watch me hurt you.
Black Dawn

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