Dragon princess
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  • Stone Age
  • Unknown
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  • Female
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  • Various

They left the dragon princess alive - she was only three or four years old. They let her grow up, under their guidance.
Galen Drache about his ancestress [src]

The Dragon Princess was a dragon and a minor character mentioned in Witchlight. Her descendants became the Drache family, the ruling clan of shapeshifters.


First World Edit

The Dragon Princess was born in the Stone Age, apparently into the ruling family of dragons. When she was about "three or four years old", the Dragons were defeated in battle by the witches. In retaliation they attempted to destroy the world, but the witches used powerful magic to put the dragons into a deep sleep, never to be awoken. It is unknown whether the Dragon Princess helped her dragon brethren destroy the First World (considering she was little more than a toddler, it is unlikely), but because she was so small and weak, the witches spared her from eternal slumber. She was raised by the witches and from her the First House of the Shapeshifters are descended.


The Dragon Princess is mentioned by Keller and Galen (one of the Princess' descendents) when they explain the history of the First World to Iliana

Personality Edit

As she is only mentioned briefly in legends, not much is known about the Dragon Princess, or whether she was as evil and merciless as other dragons. However, the witches were willing to spare her because she was so "small", implying that she wasn't as cruel or bloodthirsty as other dragons. Additionally, with her tutelage under the witch clans, she likely was more noble and respectful of life, as shown with her descendants. 


  • It is unknown whether the Dragon Princess is still alive or not, seeing as dragons are immortal.
  • As she was considered the weakest dragon, she likely did not have more than a single horn.
  • Judging by her name, the Dragon Princess may have been considered "royalty" amongst the shapeshifters and the dragons during Prehistoric Times.

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