Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Significant Others

Dreamweaver was the mate of Ravenwing of the Red Fern, born in prehistoric times. As Ravenwing is assumed to be male, Dreamweaver was presumably female. It is also likely, though not known for certain, that Dreamweaver was a lamia. It is unknown if Dreamweaver bore Ravenwing any children, though it can be assumed she did, as the Redfern line was continued.

Etymology Edit

Dream refers to a phenomena in which a person experiences thoughts and images whilst sleeping, many of which can be very vivid. In many cultures, dreams are believed to have special significance, foretelling a person's future or carrying messages from otherworldly sources. In psychology, dreams - in particular recurring dreams - are believed to reveal information about a person psyche and inner thoughts, feelings and concerns, locked in their subconscious. In the Night World series, dreams, particularly those of witches, can be very significant and even prophetic. The term dream can also refer to a person's personal desires or fantasies that they long to make a reality.

A weaver could refer to someone who weaves (usually a material such as fabric, to make clothing etc.). Dreamweaver's name could then be taken to mean 'someone who weaves dreams'. However, 'weaver' could also refer to a type of bird, also known as weaver finches, known for constructing their nests by elaborately 'weaving' the materials for a nest together - although in both cases, the meaning of weaver stays essentially the same.

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