Emmeth Harman
Biographical Information
  • 1914
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Natural Causes (presumably)
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Unknown

Emmeth Harman was a witch, the younger brother of Edgith "Grandma" Harman, and the twin brother of Elspeth Harman. Separated from the family in the mid to late 1910s with Elspeth before the first World War, he was considered dead by the family and became a lost witch.  

History Edit

The only son of Sybil Harman and Livingston Fayne, Emmeth was born in the early 20th century; the family tree states he was born in 1914. Emmeth and his twin sister were separated from their family either shortly before or during World War One. 

He and Elspeth were brought to England and raised among humans, the two ultimately losing their connection to the Night World, although their Harman blood remained strong and was passed down to their offspring. At some point, Emmeth married Isobel Woodbine, who was presumably human, and they had least one daughter, Cecily, who was also a lost witch. 

Emmeth is stated to have at least one known descendant: the deceased witch Gary Fargeon, who had been tracked down by Circle Daybreak when it was learned that Elspeth and Emmeth had survived World War I. However, as Emmeth was male, under the witch matriarchy, Emmeth's descendants, including Gary, are not part of the Harman clan.