Enclaves consist of a community of Night People (typically vampires that reside in an isolated location, usually on an island. Locations of vampire enclaves are treated as highly confidential information just in case any humans, especially vampire hunters, find out about them.

Notable enclavesEdit

Redfern family enclaveEdit

Stated to be located off the coast of Maine by Jade Redfern, the Redfern family enclave was among the first of several to be established. It was enchanted by Maeve Harman to ward off humans from finding the island. Most modern-day Redferns grew up or resided here.

Connecticut enclaveEdit

Nicknamed "the Convent" by several characters, the Connecticut enclave is highly implied to be a place where witches are sent to be disciplined. Ursula Harman appears to be the head of the Convent, with the only known building is a grey castle located on a hill. Blaise Harman was sent to the Convent after being charged with fashioning forbidden talismans and binding two humans with a love charm.

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