Fianna Harman was an 18th century witch and member of the Harman family. The tree states she is the daughter of Corisande Harman and Declan Morrigan, and the granddaughter of Roseclear Harman. Many modern Harmans are directly descended from her.

History Edit

The tree states that Fianna was born in 1770. She married Thomas Gilbert and gave birth to a daughter, Damia Harman, in 1812.

Etymology Edit

The name Fianna is Irish, with Celtic origins. It refers to the fianna, a legendary band of Irish warriors. It is believed to literally mean "soldier" or "warrior", and could be considered a traditional witch name.

Trivia Edit

  • Given that Fianna's father also has an Irish name (both first and second names), its possible her name is a nod to his Irish heritage.