Fletcher Marsh
Biographical Information
  • 17th Century (presumably)
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
Significant Others
  • Night World

Fletcher Marsh is a lamia vampire, who married Garnet Redfern. Their children were legally allowed by Fletcher's father-in-law, Hunter Redfern, to keep the Redfern surname. Thus, all modern Redferns are descended from Fletcher and Garnet. Little else is known about Fletcher - including whether he's still alive or not - though John Quinn mentioned him (though not by name) in The Chosen, saying that after he turned down Hunter's offer for Quinn to marry Garnet, she married a "nice lamia boy".

Etymology Edit

The name Fletcher is an Old English word for a person who crafts arrows. His surname, Marsh, comes from the word "marsh", which is a flat, low-lying land, often wet, boggy and prone to flooding; marshes are usually found near a river, lake or other body of water.

Trivia Edit

  • Fletcher's first name is not really a traditional lamia name, as most lamia are named after natural things (such as plants or gemstones). However, his surname, Marsh, would be considered a traditional name. This makes Fletcher one of the few lamia vampires in the series to not have a traditional first name.
  • It is unknown if Fletcher was ever officially regarded as being a member of the Redferns, or was simply related to them via his marriage.
  • The way in which Quinn describes Fletcher as being a "nice lamia boy" comes across as somewhat sarcastic or derogatory, implying that Quinn disliked Fletcher. However, this may be something of a moot point, as after being turned into a vampire and losing Dove Redfern, Quinn seemed to dislike everyone (until he met his soulmate).

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