Galen's mother
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Supernatural Characteristics
  • Unknown

Galen's mother (first name unknown) is a minor character in Witchlight. She is a shapeshifter, the mother of Galen Drache and the head of the First House of the Shapeshifters, along with her husband.

History Edit

Witchlight Edit

Galen's mother, along with the rest of her family and the shapeshifters, initially remained neutral when the majority of the witches seceded from the Night World to join Circle Daybreak. However, she and her husband were open to forming an alliance with the Harman family, and by extent, the entire witch species, via a betrothal ceremony between their son, Galen, and the Witch Child, Iliana Dominick. Galen's mother is seen at the end of the novel, seated beside her husband during the meeting between the witches and shapeshifters on the Winter Solstice. When Iliana reveals Galen helped kill a dragon, Galen's mother seems surprised at her son's actions, gripping her husband's arm. She seems unconcerned when Iliana refuses to go through with the betrothal ceremony, instead performing a blood-tie with Raksha Keller to secure the alliance and agrees to this arrangement. She is also seemingly accepting of Galen's love for Keller, his soulmate. Galen's mother is pleased when she learns he chose a leopard as his animal form, stating she thinks it's "wonderful" and reminding him that his great grandmother was also a leopard.

Physical Appearance Edit

Galen's mother is described by Keller as being "queenly", with "flashing" green eyes and "topaz" coloured hair. Her animal form is unknown.

Personality Edit

Galen's mother seems to be a kind and regal woman who loves her son and husband dearly. She presumably does not view humans as 'vermin' and seeks harmony between the Night People and humankind, given her decision to ally with Circle Daybreak and by her raising Galen to respect others and hold compassion for all forms of life.

Appearances Edit

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