Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Uncle Galen (by Thea and Blaise)
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • The Night World

Galen, also known as Uncle Galen (not to be confused with Galen Drache) is a witch and a relative of Thea and Blaise Harman, mentioned in Spellbinder. The cousins lived with him before coming to live with Grandma Harman, after being expelled.

History Edit

Galen lives in New Hampshire and took in the orphaned Thea and Blaise after they were kicked out of their high school due to the antics of Blaise. Galen was the girls' guardian until a few months prior to the events of Spellbinder, after which Thea and Blaise were expelled yet again due to Blaise influencing her human boyfriend, Randy Marik, into burning down the school gym. The girls were then sent to live with Grandma Harman in Las Vegas, effectively kick-starting the events of Spellbinder.

Spellbinder Edit

Thea mentions Uncle Galen when she is telling Dani Abforth how she and Blaise came to be living with Grandma Harman. Thea also thinks about Galen and is grieved at the thought of having to forget him when she is considering drinking from the Cup of Lethe, so as to erase her memories of the Night World and be with her human soulmate Eric.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Galen means "calm" in Greek. Although it is not a traditional witch name, as it is not associated with any particular deity or legendary figure, Galen is the name of a famous Ancient Greek physician, and some witches are known for their ability to use witchcraft to heal others of sickness or injury.
  • Galen shares his name with another character in the series, the shapeshifter prince, Galen Drache.
  • It is not specified whether Galen is a member of the Harman family. His name is not included on the family tree, suggesting he may be related to Thea and Blaise through one of their fathers. It is also not stated if 'Uncle' is an honorary title (such as in the case of 'Aunt' Ursula), or if Galen is actually the girls' uncle.

Appearances Edit

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