Ghoul is the term used by the Night World to describe a human who has failed to completely make the conversion into a made vampire (the other failure option is the human dying completely, which occurs if the human is over 20 or something else goes wrong during the transformation).

In such cases, a human is drained of blood by either lamia or a made vampire, and although they are provided some of the vampire's blood in exchange, not enough is received to fully convert the human into a made vampire.

As a result, the human will die, but, similar to a made vampire, will revive. However, this human, now a ghoul, will be physically dead and will constantly rot like a corpse despite its reanimation, and will continually hunger for flesh and blood. As mindless undead creatures, they are emotionless and unstoppable.

Like vampires, wood or fire will destroy a ghoul. 

Ghouls can be created by sheer accident (usually when a vampire is changing a human for the first time and cannot accurately gauge how much blood to exchange, or is prevented from giving the human enough blood) or deliberately. 

Notable GhoulsEdit


  • It is not known if a witch that undergoes the process of being changed into a made vampire runs the risk of becoming a ghoul.