Biographical Information
  • Late 1980's
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Hair Color
  • Dark
Eye Color
  • Blue
Skin Color
  • Light
Relationship Information
Supernatural Characteristics
Magical Feats
  • Curses
  • Spells to attract good luck and prosperity
  • Love charms
  • Pyrokinesis

My powers are at your disposal. Is there someone you want cursed? Or maybe you want to attract good luck or prosperity. I know you can't need a love charm.
— Gisèle to James Rasmussen [src]

Gisèle is a minor character that appears in Secret Vampire. She is a witch and friend of James Rasmussen, who asks her for a spell that can cure Poppy's cancer.

Secret VampireEdit

After doing some research on pancreatic cancer, James finds Gisèle at a Black Iris Club and asks her for a health spell. When Gisèle inquires for what disease the spell is for, she laughs when James tells her its for cancer, saying that "the lamia don't get human diseases." However, upon learning that James is asking her to help a human, Gisèle becomes serious and berates him for it. She questions him on whether he broke the Night World laws, but when he denies her claims, Gisèle assures James that she believes him and doesn't want any trouble for either of them. Convincing him to forget their entire conversation, Gisèle tells James there is no spell to cure cancer and even if there was, she wouldn't give it to him.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gisèle is described as looking like a witch by James. She has dark hair and slanted, mysterious blue eyes which are outlined by black eyeliner "ancient-Egyptian style".


During her brief appearance, Gisèle displayed a somewhat flirtatious personality, telling James he's "still as gorgeous as ever." However, regarding her attitude towards humans, Gisèle (like most Night People), views them as "vermin". Because of this, Gisèle takes the Night World laws very serious, enough to remind James of the consequences as well as refusing to help him out of fear of breaking them. This can also be seen as an act of caring and loyalty, as she was willing to give James the choice of forgetting about their conversation for his own protection.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting: Witches will use natural mediums (stones, plants, animal parts, etc.) and incantations in order to focus their power to achieve a specific goal. Also integral to spell casting is the intentions and emotional level of the witch casting it.
  • Potion Making: Witches are able to brew special potions for a given aim. This can include truth serums and potions to make a person forget things. The more powerful potions are sealed and kept from most witches to prevent misuse.
  • Crafting: Using a combination of spells, potions and gems, witches are capable of crafting talismans with magical effects.
  • Precognition: A rare ability among witches is the power to see the future; this ability can vary and be either very weak or quite strong. As such, those that can, such as the Maiden Aradia, are revered. Those witches that possess this technique cannot fully control when their visions come.
  • Retrocognition: A form of precognition but instead of seeing future events, witches can perceive events happening in the present.
  • Mental Manipulation: Similar to vampires, witches can, even without touching a human, influence their minds, implanting new ideas and notions directly into the brain. 
  • Witchlight: Notably due to the rise of the Old Powers, witches have developed a power known as witchlight: the manifestation of energy in the form of colored flames that can be used as an attack technique. Noted colors have been orange and amber, although the spectrum and strength of such colors are unknown (though the only one unavailable to ordinary witches is blue).

  • Pyrokinesis: Gisèle displayed a form of pyrokinesis, as shown when she caused a candle wick to burst into flame with a quick motion of her hand.


  • Mortality: Due to having similar physiology to humans, witches are susceptible to many of the weaknesses humans are, including disease and old age. They can be heavily injured, and are also known to have allergic reactions to substances, including spells, as the Maiden Aradia had once been accidentally poisoned by a truth potion and suffered a near-fatal reaction to it.
  • Iron: akin to wood for vampires, the element of iron acts like a poison to the bloodstream of a witch, and is extremely lethal to their kind.


The name Gisèle, also spelt as Giselle, is a French name of Germanic origins, meaning "oath" or "pledge", or possibly "hostage".


  • According to the Redfern and Harman Family Tree, Gisèle is the great-granddaughter of Elspeth Harman. This would make her a member of the Harman Family.
    • This is likely an error because Elspeth's descendants are lost witches. While it is plausible Gisèle could have discovered her witch heritage prior to Secret Vampire, it would be unlikely as she would've taken her place among the Harmans (which definitely would've been mentioned in the series - indeed, in Spellbinder, it is mentioned that Thea and Blaise are believed to be the last generation of Hearth-Women). Additionally, Gisèle doesn't possess the typical Harman traits that other descendants of Elspeth exhibit.
  • According to the family tree, Gisèle's surname is Maigny and her parents are named Étienne and Avril. Her name is also spelt as 'Giselle' on the tree, which is inconsistent with its spelling in the novel.