Gunnel Redfern is a lamia and member of the Redfern family. According to the family tree, he is the eldest son of Sterling Redfern and Ruby Linden, and the brother of Angar and Opal. He is also the father of Alder Redfern and Madder Rasmussen.

History Edit

The tree states that Gunnel was born in 1891, the eldest of three children. He married a woman named Anise Clay and had two children with her, Alder and Madder. Both married and had children, making Gunnel the grandfather of Rowan, Ash, Kestrel, Jade and James. Given that his children and grandchildren (with the exception of James) were raised on one of the lamia enclaves, it can be assumed Gunnel lived on one too. Gunnel's son Alder went on to become a Night World Elder; it's possible that Gunnel himself could've held such a position. It's unknown if he's still alive or not.

Etymology Edit

A gunnel is a type of fish, similar in appearance to an eel.

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