Harmony was a town founded in Virginia by Thierry Descouedres and Hannah Snow as a Circle Daybreak enclave when the Apocalypse didn't come to pass at the millennium. The main purpose of the town was to keep its inhabitants youthful in preparation for the Apocalypse's actual arrival, which is somehow achieved through a "Tower" located in Harmony.

Unbeknownst to the inhabitants, Harmony was infiltrated by dragons for some time until one (by the name of Whitcombe) revealed himself to Raksha Keller. Through the combined efforts of several Daybreakers, notably Rashel Jordan, John Quinn, and Galen Drache, the dragon is defeated and other spies were exposed in the process as well.

Notable InhabitantsEdit


  • Going by the events of Thicker Than Water, it appears as if Las Vegas was discarded as Circle Daybreak's main base of operations, presumably due to the fact that the Night World has a lot of power over the city.


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