Hecate Witch-Queen
Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • All-Mother
  • All-Wise Ruler of the Witches
  • Queen
  • Deceased
  • Stone Age
Cause of Death
  • Natural Causes (presumably)
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Supernatural Characteristics
Magical Feats
  • Defeating the dragons and putting them to sleep

Hecate's the Queen of the Witches, incidentally. Their ancient ruler. And she's special to you - you're descended in a direct line from her daughter Hellewise.
Gary Fargeon to Gillian Lennox [1]

Hecate Witch-Queen is the ancient queen of the witch tribes and the mother of Hellewise Hearth-Woman and Maya Dragonslayer. She is mentioned several times throughout the series, and is cited as the ancestress of the entire witch species (although it is unclear how true this is) and the ancestress of both the Redfern and Harman families. 


In prehistoric times, while the shapeshifters reigned on earth, Hecate led the witches in a war against them, ultimately proving victorious (there is a strong possibility her twin daughters also participated in the war, judging from Maya's surname of Dragonslayer).

The dragons, leaders of the shapeshifters, were enraged at the defeat, and tried to destroy the world by setting off mass volcanic eruption. Fortunately, the witches stopped them, putting the dragons into a deep coma and burying them alive under the earth to get rid of them, sparing only the youngest.

Some time after this event, Hecate died; her daughters ruled the tribe jointly after her passing and until Maya's transformation and Hellewise's own death. Hecate is barely mentioned afterwards except in her capacity as Hellewise and Maya's parent, although it's implied that members of her tribe prayed to her after her death. Maya herself is disdainful of prayers to her "old harridan" mother after becoming a vampire

In the present day, witches occasionally call upon the "Words of Hecate" when performing magic; Gary Fargeon instructs Gillian Lennox, a descendant of Hecate, to do this when casting a spell in Dark Angel.  

In Witchlight, unlike any other Harman, when invoking the blue fire of the Wild Powers, Iliana Dominick calls directly upon her ancestress Hecate in order to destroy the dragon Azhdeha.


  • Hecate Witch-Queen can be considered the "all mother" of the vampire and witch race through her daughters.
  • She shares her name with an Ancient Greek goddess, Hecate (Hekate), who was the goddess of magic, witches, darkness, the moon and ghosts. The mythological Hecate was considered a triple-goddess, which appears to be reflected in the triad of Hecate, Hellewise and Maya (Maiden, Mother and Crone). In alternate versions of the myth of Persephone, it is Hecate who discovers the young goddess in the underworld and escorts her back to the living world, reuniting her with her mother Demeter.
  • Hecate Witch-Queen is commonly called upon by witches in the incantation May I be given the Power of the Words of Hecate.
  • Maya's derogatory comments about her mother suggest they may have had a troubled relationship.

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