Hellewise and Maya's Duel was an epic battle between the twin daughters of Hecate Witch-Queen that determined the fate of their tribe and marked the beginning of the Night Wars.



Maya, the twin sister of Hellewise

Maya and Hellewise Hearth-Woman were the twin daughters of Hecate Witch-Queen, one of the first existing witches ever. They were both very powerful witches but as opposite as night and day.


Thierry, born Theorn, the first made vampire

After Maya became a vampire she began proliferating her race. She attacked the tribe of witches that she and Hellewise ruled. Theorn, who is now known as Thierry Descouedres – a boy that had always liked Hellewise – became her first victim.

Hellewise realized she would have to stop her sister. The witches of the tribe wanted to fight the vampires but Hellewise knew they could never match the superiorities the vampires possessed. So instead, Maya and Hellewise fought one on one.

Details about the battle itself are not elaborated on but Hellewise apparently won the battle and drove Maya and the other vampires out of the village.

Maya survived long after the battle but Hellewise endured too many wounds and died of her injuries not long after the duel.

Hellewise will always be remembered by her progeny as the warrior who saved witches from eradication by vampires.

Notable ParticipantsEdit


  • Although the duel saved Hellewise's tribe from Maya's vampires, it also acted as a declaration of war between the vampires and the witches, marking the start of the Night Wars.
    • Ironically, it was Hellewise and Maya's descendants (Maeve Harman and Hunter Redfern respectively) that ended the Night Wars and united the races.
  • Although Hellewise died shortly after the duel, she did however have a daughter prior to her death, and this is what allowed the Harman line to continue.
  • Before her debut in Soulmate, it was unknown whether Maya survived the aftermath of the duel.

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