Human World, also known as the Fourth Age, is the current period on Earth with humans as the dominant race. It is currently the fourth out of four consecutive ages to exist and has been existing for approximately 10,000 years, with its end due any time. It spans the entire events of the Night World series, with the last four novels particularly focusing on the approaching destruction of Human World.

Notable eventsEdit

Note: Only events that relate to both humans and the Night World will be listed here. Other significant events that have happened throughout human history (without involvement of the Night World whatsoever) are not included.


The element that corresponds with the end of Human World may be possibly be darkness, as many characters mention fending off "the darkness" at the millennium.

  • When Human World comes to an end at the millennium, it will usher in a fifth age, but which race will reign remains unknown.
    • If Circle Daybreak succeeds in uniting the four Wild Powers, then it can be presumed that the fifth age may be the complete unification of all the races - both human and Night People.
    • In the possible dark future where the Wild Powers have failed to save the world, dragons are shown to have taken over and enslaved the human race. [1]


  1. Strange Fate excerpt

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