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But the soulmate idea – that's really the last straw. It's a disease infecting our people. You understand why I have to stamp it out.
The Chosen

You'd better watch yourself, girl. That mouth's going to get you in trouble.
Black Dawn

You don't know how happy it makes me just to think about it. To finally have a true heir. A male heir of my own line, and untainted by witch blood. I would never have married that witch Maeve Harman if I had known my son was still alive. And not only alive, but out having sons! The only true Redferns left in the world, you might say.
Black Dawn

I can't wait to show you off to the world outside. My great-grandson. And to think that a year ago I didn't know of your existence.
Black Dawn

In the new order after the millennium, we'll have hunts like this every day. Each of us will have a city of humans to hunt. A city of throats to cut, a city of flesh to eat.
Black Dawn

We won't stop with enslaving the humans. The witches are our enemies now. Think of the power you'll feel when you drink their lives!
Black Dawn

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