Iluna Hearth-Woman
Biographical Information
  • Stone Age
  • Deceased
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
Significant Others
  • Tribal Leader (presumably)

Iluna Hearth-Woman was the daughter of Hellewise Hearth-Woman and Conlan Spearthrower. The family tree also states that she was the mate of Alfar of the Winds and the mother of Eileithyia Hearth-Woman.


Not much is known about Iluna, as she is never directly mentioned in the novels, only on the family tree. However, it is known that she was a witch and was born some time before Hellewise was killed in battle defending the prehistoric witch tribe from her sister Maya, though after Maya turned herself into a vampire and changed Theorn. It can be assumed that Iluna succeeded her mother as leader of the witches after Hellewise's death and carried on her line, which eventually became the Harman Family. It is unknown if she had any siblings; according to the family tree she was Hellewise's only child. All modern Harmans are descended from Iluna. She is also the niece of Thierry Descouedres, given that he is stated to be Conlan's brother.

Trivia Edit

  • As Maya was her maternal aunt, Iluna is related to the Redfern Family as well as the Harmans.
  • The name Iluna may come from Ancient Basque, meaning "darkness", "gloomy", "sombre" or "obscure", though this is not known for certain. It could possibly be a variation of the names Ilona or Luna. Ilona is a Hungarian name of uncertain meaning, though it is possibly a variation of the names Elena or Helen, meaning "bright". Ilona is also the name given to the Queen of the Fairies in Magyar folk-tales, which would be keeping in with the witch tradition of naming their children after mythological or legendary figures. The name Luna is an Italian and Spanish name of Latin origins, meaning "moon". Luna was the name of the Latin moon goddess, the Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Selene, which also follows witch traditions.
  • On the family tree, Iluna's name has the book title Strange Fate beside it, indicating she may appear in the novel. 
  • Interestingly, one of Iluna's descendents, Thea Harman , frequently prays to the goddess Eileithyia, who shares her name with Iluna's daughter. 

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