This was the biggest concentration of magical talent anywhere in the world. These people were the witch geniuses, the prodigies and the sages, the far-seers, the teachers, the policy-makers. They were the Inner Circle.
Thea Harman

The witches of the Night World are governed by the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle consists of the most respected members of the witch community. The highest ranking positions of the Inner Circle are Crone, Mother and Maiden. The Crone of the Witches was Edgith Harman until her death in Witchlight. The Mother of the Witches – Cybele – became leader hence forth. The Maiden of the Witches is Aradia. The Inner Circle is responsible for ensuring witches uphold Night World law. This authoritative body also makes decisions and imposes punishments. The darkest witches of the Night World take direction from the Night World Council. It is mentioned that the witches of the Inner Circle are the most magically talented and powerful witches in the world.


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