Iona Skelton
Biographical Information
  • c.1989
  • Alive (reincarnated)
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Unnamed Mother

I guess you people are crazy.

— Iona [1]

Iona Skelton is an eight-year-old girl and an Old Soul, first appearing as a minor character in the book Huntress.

Due to being miraculously saved from a burning house by a flash of Blue Fire, Iona is mistaken for a Wild Power, and is thus targeted by Morgead Blackthorn and his vampire gang, who intend to use her as a bargaining chip to gain more power in the Night World.

Ultimate Fan Guide DescriptionEdit

"In Huntress, eight-year-old Iona is saved from a burning house by a flash of Blue Fire. Mistaken for a Wild Power, Iona has mature-beyond-her-years composure and serenity that reveal she is an Old Soul."

History Edit

Iona is stated as being one of the oldest known Old Souls, meaning her first incarnation was likely born in the Stone Age. Iona apparently doesn't remember any of her previous lives, like most Old Souls, though she is shown to be wise beyond her years.

Huntress Edit

Iona was presumed to be a Wild Power because Blue Fire appeared when she was trapped in a burning building. However, this actually turned out to be Jez Redfern, who had witnessed the fire and had subconsciously called up the Blue Fire to save the girl's life. Jez's old gang hunt down Iona, intending to force her to reveal her abilities to prove she is the Wild Power and hand her over to the Night World, Fortunately, they are accompanied by Jez, who has been tasked by Circle Daybreak to rescue Iona and bring her to safety. Iona is terrified by the vampires and confused by their efforts to get her to unleash the blue fire, revealing she is not really the Wild Power. Jez and Hugh Davis rescue her. It is eventually revealed that Jez herself is the Wild Power. Iona is taken to safety with the Daybreakers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Iona is described as having dark eyes and long braided hair. Her eyes are said to resemble those of Hugh Davis in their serenity and wisdom, due to being an Old Soul.


  • Iona is the oldest known Old Soul, after Hannah Snow.
  • The name Iona comes from an island off the coast of Scotland, where a Christian saint founded a monastery in the 6th century. In Old Norse it can mean "island" or more specifically "yew-tree island", whilst in Old Greek it can mean "precious" or "precious stone". Iona is actually a unisex name, but is more commonly used as a girl's name.

Appearances Edit



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