Jasmine Thorn is a lamia vampire and a member of the Redfern family by marriage. According to the family tree, she is the wife of Dunlin Redfern and the direct ancestor or relation of many modern Redferns.

History Edit

Jasmine was born in the 18th century; her exact birthdate, like her husband's, is unclear, as two years are listed on the tree: 1760 and 1790. She had a least one son, Sterling Redfern - who was born in 1866 - and at least three grandchildren, Gunnel, Angar and Opal. Through Gunnel, she is the great grandmother of Alder and Madder, thus making her the great-great-grandmother of Ash, Rowan, Kestrel, Jade and James. She is also a direct relation to Mancy Redfern and his hybrid son Mal Harman.

Etymology Edit

The name Jasmine refers to the flowering plant jasmine, known for it's distinct scent. It is often used as a decorative plant, or in teas and perfumes.

Jasmine's maiden name of Thorn refers to the sharp spikes or prickles that grow on some plants.

Trivia Edit

  • Jasmine's maiden name is similar to that of a prominently featured lamia family, the Blackthorns, though it's unknown if there is any correlation between the two.
  • Jasmine shares the same name as Princess Jasmine, one of the main characters in Disney's Aladdin. As she married into the Redfern family, Jasmine could be considered royalty as well.

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