Jeremy's uncle
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Deceased
  • Late 20th Century
Cause of Death
  • Unknown (murdered)
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Jeremy Lovett (nephew)
  • Jeremy's parents (sibling and sibling-in-law)
  • Night World
  • Black Iris Club

Jeremy's uncle (actual name unknown) is a minor character mentioned in Daughters of Darkness. He was a werewolf and the uncle and primary caregiver of Jeremy Lovett, before his untimely death.

History Edit

Jeremy's uncle lived on land in Mad Dog Creek, in the town of Briar Creek, Oregon. After his nephew Jeremy's parents died, he took the boy in. Jeremy's uncle was a member of the Black Iris Club, although Jeremy stated he was always treated as second-class by the other members, particularly the vampires. In spite of this, Jeremy's uncle was loyal to the Night World and respected their laws. When Jeremy's indiscreet hunting threatened to expose them, Jeremy's uncle tried to restrict his nephew's hunting habits. Unfortunately, this did not go over well with the mentally unstable Jeremy, who ended up murdering his uncle in a blind rage and taking over his territory. His death was apparently ruled an accident and no one knew that Jeremy had killed his uncle.

Daughters of Darkness Edit

Jeremy's uncle is briefly mentioned by some of the characters. Mary-Lynette Carter guesses that the reason Mad Dog Creek got its name was because of sighting of Jeremy's uncle and other family members in their wolf forms. Jeremy later confesses to Mary-Lynette that he killed his uncle, despite his love for him, when he tried to curb Jeremy's hunting. Jeremy does appear to feel some remorse over the act, but ultimately feels it was for the best.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Jeremy's uncle's surname was also Lovett, or if he had a different surname.
  • Jeremy's uncle is notable as Jeremy's first murder victim.
  • Given that werewolves are often used as bodyguards and the like, one could speculate that Jeremy's uncle was employed by the Black Iris Club as a bouncer, though this is not specified.

Appearances Edit

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