Jesse North
Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
Significant Others
Supernatural Characteristics
Magical Feats
  • Visions
  • Prophetic dreams
  • Unknown

Jesse North is the father of Poppy and Phillip North, and the ex-husband of Phillipa Hilgard. He is revealed to be a lost witch, and passed on his witch heritage to his children, thus explaining some of his more peculiar behaviors.

History Edit

Not much is known about Jesse. He was unaware he was a witch, but also had an interest in the supernatural or other, unexplained phenomena, such as spirits and UFO's. His powers also made him act a little strangely at times. At some point, Jesse fell in love with a woman named Phillipa, married her and had twins with her. However, Phillipa eventually grew tired of Jesse's odd behavior and irresponsibility, and divorced him. Jesse tried to stay in contact with his children, whom he loved dearly. He was especially close to his daughter, Poppy, the latter of whom felt that Jesse was the only family member who understood her. Jesse had a habit of going wandering and not leaving a forwarding address, so he sometimes lost contact with his children and rarely came to see them.

Secret Vampire Edit

When Poppy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Jesse's ex-wife attempted to contact him to tell him, but was unsuccessful. She eventually did get in touch with him, but Poppy had already died by this point. Jesse came to the funeral, where he apologized for not being there for Poppy in her final days. Phillipa berated Jesse for this, but when he broke down over Poppy's death, she rushed to comfort him. Jesse remarked to Phil that he heard what he believed was Poppy's spirit in his dreams the previous night, calling for help. He says he wishes she "didn't sound so scared" and believed she wasn't at peace, though he told Phil not to mention this to Phillipa. In actual fact, Jesse did hear Poppy, who was telepathically calling for her soulmate , James Rasmussen - Jesse presumably picked up on it due to his own undiscovered psychic power (and, perhaps, his strong bond with Poppy).

When Poppy was revealed to be a lost witch, she deduced that Jesse must be one too. She and James decided they would go stay with Jesse and tell him everything, as Poppy felt her father deserved to know the truth about his heritage. It is unknown how Jesse reacted to discovering he was a witch, and that his supposedly dead daughter was now a vampire.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the family tree, Jesse is related to the Harman Family, as he is the grandson of Emmeth Harman. However, he would probably not be considered a true Harman due to the fact the Harmans' lineage is passed down through the women in the family.

Appearances Edit


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