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That's one thing I can count on. Your self-interest. You always look after Number One, don't you?
Daughters of Darkness

I really think you'd better kill me now. Unless you're too stupid or too scared. This wood won't hold forever, you know. And when I get out, I'm going to use that sword on you.
The Chosen

If, you think that because I was a human once, I have any pity on them, you are very, very wrong. I hate humans more than I hate the Redferns.
The Chosen

I'm faster than any human. I'm stronger than any human. I can see better in the dark. And I'm much, much nastier.
The Chosen

Take your hands off her. Before I knock you through the wall.
The Chosen

The only other possibility is that I kill you. Better this way than that.
The Chosen

Besides, now that I have seen your face, I can't stand the sight of myself in your eyes. I know what you think of me.
The Chosen

Don't you understand? As long as you're human, Night World law says you have to die if I love you. If I love you. And that's the problem, of course. I do love you.
The Chosen

This is my soulmate. And we're leaving together.
The Chosen

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