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Raksha Keller

Raksha Keller, leader of the team

Keller's team are an elite fighting team consisting of Circle Daybreak's best operatives: Raksha Keller, a shapeshifter, Winfrith Arlin, a witch, and Nissa Johnson, a vampire. They were tasked with locating and protecting the third Wild Power, Iliana Dominick, until the Solstice Ceremony to unite the shapeshifters and witches.



Keller's team are present at a mall in North Caroline, trying to locate the third Wild Power and Witch Child: Iliana Dominick, a lost Harman witch. Winnie excitedly informs Keller that she has found Iliana, but Night World operatives have gotten to her first, including a boy whose species she can't seem to identify.



  • Keller's team is unique in the sense that they all come from a different species and have different personalities, but work together efficiently so well that they are considered Circle Daybreak's best operatives.
  • Winnie and Nissa often refer to Keller as "boss".

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